Our History
WPA Project for New City Hall

December 6, 1938:  La Verne had just completed arrangements to occupy the new City Hall.  This 65-by-100 foot structure was a WPA project.  For the Police Department, it housed police headquarters, a court room, a criminal identification laboratory, and a two-cell jail. 

This same project also included offices for the city clerk, a water department, the fire engine room, the council's chamber and a living quarters for the caretaker.  The upper floor sported a recreation room, club room, and kitchen for the volunteer fire department.  All for the price of $50,000!

Chief and Judge

The La Verne Police Department had a fine beginning as the newspapers proudly carried the article:

Young Officials Keep Order at La Verne

La Verne, Aug. 4 - With a Police Chief who is only 23 years of age, and a police judge, 27, this city feels that it can qualify as having the two youngest law enforcement officials in Southern California, perhaps the State and maybe over the entire nation.

Loren R. Shoemaker, who is the Chief of Police, is a "star sweeper," towering 6 feet, 4 inches into the stratosphere.  Police Judge Downs is 5 feet 6 inches in height.


Law Breakers Beware! New Prowl Car!

On a Saturday morning, the La Verne Police Department was proud as the newpapers broke the story that they were to receive delivery of a new Ford V-8 standard four-door sedan to preplace the 1937 car which had been in service.

Shown left to right are Mayor E. R. Blickenstaff, John R. Huie, Ford Dealer, the new prowl carl, Councilman Dayton Newcomer, Councilman T.J. Steves, and Police Chief Loren R. Shoemaker.

New Four Man Cells for LVPD!

This historical photo from a newpaper clipping depicts Police Commisioner Steves, Police Commisioner Ross Hanawalt, and Police Chief Shoemaker inspecting the two newly constructed "four man cells."