Traffic Bureau

The La Verne Police Department's Traffic Bureau has a continuing responsibility to help keep vehicle traffic moving safely and expeditiously along the network of roadways within the city. Additionally the bureau has a responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians, document and report traffic collisions, and the management of traffic related special events within the city.

The Traffic Bureau is staffed by three full time motorcycle officer's and is managed by a Police Lieutenant. In addition Patrol Officers enforce traffic laws on a time permitting basis, which significantly increases the Departments effort at maintaining a high profile traffic enforcement program.

The Traffic Bureau attempts to gain voluntary compliance from motorists to obey the rules of the road through information, education, and enforcement of traffic laws. The Traffic Bureau resources are allocated on a complaint and priority need basis of operation. Each reported citizen traffic safety concern is addressed in the appropriate manner. In addition primary traffic collision factors and locations are reviewed to identify problem areas. The two most common primary collision factors are speed and right of way violations. The following are some statistics of traffic related incidents in the City in the year 2006:

Citations Issued:

  • Hazardous Citations - 2,465
  • Non-Hazardous Citations - 1,282
  • Parking Citations - 4,501
  • Traffic Collisions:
  • Injury Collisions - 114
  • Non Injury Collisions - 173

The La Verne Police Department believes a comprehensive, multifaceted approach is necessary to maintain a safe roadway system. The Traffic Bureau utilizes a variety of programs and methods to gain the voluntary compliance of motorists and pedestrians.

The following are an example of some of those programs and methods: Commercial Checkpoints; DUI/Driver License checkpoints; Court Sting Programs; High Profile Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement; Speed Enforcement Operations; Media Press Releases of Upcoming Enforcement Programs; Speed Reminders Utilizing a Radar Trailer; Traffic Safety Warnings and Messages with a Portable Message Sign Trailer.

Parking Permits
Temporary: $3.00 per night up to five (5) nights from the overnight parking machine located at the Police Department.
Permanent: $100.00 for the first year, $50.00 renewal each year after.
Applicant must fill out application form and submit a fee. A temporary will be given for one month until it is checked out at no charge. If approved, a sticker will sent to the applicant within 30 days of application.