Traffic Bureau
Impounded Vehicle Release

In the course of official duties the La Verne Police Department stores or impounds motor vehicles for a variety of reasons.

Individuals questioning the validity of the storage or impound can request an impound review, which is conducted by the duty Watch Commander. The review can be conducted on the phone, in person or in writing. A thorough review of the facts of the impound or storage will be conducted to insure compliance with applicable laws. The results of the finding will be given to the individual at the conclusion of the review or as soon as possible.

Most vehicles stored or impounded require an administrative fee of $150.00 payable to the City of La Verne prior to the release of the vehicle. If the individual was arrested for DUI or reckless driving, the administrative fee is $400.00. The administrative fee is charged to off set the cost to the City for the impounding of vehicles.