Traffic Bureau
Contesting Parking Violation

Within 21 calendar days of the issuance of the parking violation notice, or within 14 days of the mailing of the "Notice of Parking Violation", the recipient must request to contest the parking violation either in person, online or by sending a written request to: "Parking Review", La Verne Police Department, 2061 Third Street, La Verne, CA 91750

A representative of the Police Department will review the request. After a thorough review, a written response will be provided to the contestant and a copy filed at the Police Department. An information letter is provided with the results of the administrative review explaining the appeal process.

If the contestant is not satisfied with the results of the administrative review they may request an administrative hearing. An independent hearing officer contracted by the City conducts the administrative hearing. The amount of the penalty must be deposited at the time of the request for the administrative hearing. If the hearing officer finds in favor of the contestant, the penalty is refunded.