Calls for Service
About Calls to Service

Patrol officers respond to all calls for service from the community. Some of the situations handled daily by patrol officers are:

  • Traffic Collisions
  • Disturbances
  • Domestic Violence Incidents
  • Crime Reports
  • Suspicious Persons and Vehicles
High Visability for La Verne

Between calls for service, patrol officers spend their time maintaining high visibility in the streets and enforcing traffic laws. Citing traffic violators reduces the chances of traffic collisions.

Maintaining high visibility in the community scares away criminals who may wish to commit crimes in the city.

16,000 Calls in 2007

Overall patrol officers handled most of the 16,099 calls for service during 2006 and completed the vast majority of the 5,000 reports generated.

There were 1,161 felony, 2,558 misdemeanor and 1,281 miscellaneous offenses reported. Officers made a total of 456 felony and 1,887 misdemeanor arrests.

Input From The Community

Patrols officers are trained to not only respond to calls, but to do whatever is needed to solve problems and or issues that can continue or escalate. Officers have a wide array of resources within and outside the police department to deal with problem issues. Officers appreciate and want input from the community in order to address problems that arise before the problem escalates.  Please feel free to contact the Watch Commander