Detective Bureau
Property / Evidence

The La Verne Police Department Property and Evidence Section catalogs and tracks nearly every piece of property that comes into the custody of La Verne Police Officers. We catalog:

  • finger print cards
  • stolen property
  • guns taken as safekeeping
  • clothes
  • drugs
  • bicycles
  • vehicles
Property Claim

The Property and Evidence Section is governed by state law on all pieces of property. In some cases property must be held the entire length of a criminal or civil trial and may be held for the length of the possible appeal period.

When the court has concluded the case, the Property and Evidence Section mails out claim notices to the rightful owners of the property. The notice is mailed to the address listed in the police reports. If you receive a claim notice, your property is available for pick-up at the police station.

Police Auctions

All auctions for unclaimed property are conducted online at What is unique about this on-line service is that if a bidder presents proof that an item being auctioned is rightfully their property, will return that item to its owner free of charge.

The partnership between the La Verne Police Department and Property Room is to help reduce the time, energy, and financial resources devoted to the management of unclaimed property.