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Foothill Special Enforcement Team (SWAT)

Foothill Special Enforcement Team (SWAT)


The La Verne Police Department is proud to be a member of the Foothill Special Enforcement Team, also known as FSET. The Police Chiefs of four foothill community police departments; Monrovia, San Marino, Glendora and La Verne realized the importance of having a highly trained tactical response team for those crucial incidents requiring more than a normal patrol officer response. They combined their resources and developed a regional special weapons and tactics team and appropriately named it FSET.

The primary focus of FSET is to save lives during dangerous high risk incidents, including the lives of the innocent, responding law enforcement personnel and the suspects. This is accomplished by the deployment of highly trained personnel by utilizing specific tools and tactics to handle high risk crucial situations. The following are some of the situations where FSET would respond:

  • Barricaded suspect or suspects
  • Hostage situation
  • Active shooter
  • High risk search warrants
  • Dignitary or witness protection
  • Criminal disturbance or events that require an immediate tactical response

Currently there are forty-three personnel assigned to FSET. This includes command staff, operators, tactical medics, long-rifles, communications officers and crisis negotiators. Currently the La Verne Police Department has dedicated eight personnel to FSET including (1) lieutenant, (1) sergeant, (3) operators, (2) crisis negotiators and (1) tactical dispatchers. The La Verne Fire Department has dedicated (7) tactical medics.