Detective Bureau
About the Bureau
About the Bureau

The Detective Bureau handles a wide variety of investigations ranging from burglaries and credit card fraud to elder abuse, kidnapping, and homicide. The Detectives spend many hours solving crimes and prosecuting offenders. The Detectives also make themselves available around the clock in order to provide expertise and take over major investigations.

The Investigation Bureau is divided up into four categories that focus on different types of crimes. The categories are Crime against Persons, Crime against Property, Sex Crimes and Narcotics. Having Investigators assigned to specific units enables them to gain valuable expertise in their assigned area.

The Investigation Bureau consists of five Investigators, one Police Clerk and one Evidence Technician. A Lieutenant and a Sergeant supervise the Bureau.

The Investigation Bureau also provides additional Investigators to federal and countywide Task Forces. One Investigator is assigned to Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task-Force (LA IMPACT). LA IMPACT is a Los Angeles County Multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency taskforce that investigates narcotics associated with Clandestine Laboratories.