Crime Prevention
Vacation House Check Service
About the Vacation House Check Service
This program makes available a free residential security check for vacationing residents of single-family homes. Registered homes are periodically checked during the homeowner's absence by uniformed volunteer members of the La Verne Police Department Retired Seniors Volunteer Program. During a vacation security check of a residence, the RSVP volunteer patrols the property to ensure the home is secured and the windows and doors are locked and undamaged. If by chance a burglary occurs at the residence while the homeowner is away, the designated "emergency contact" person will be notified.
Safety Tips
  • Before leaving a home unoccupied, make sure all doors and windows are closed and securely locked
  • Make your house appear "lived in"
  • Use timers for lights and radios
  • Have a neighbor or friend pick-up mail, packages, and newspapers, or suspend service for the duration of your vacation
  • Keep your lawn mowed and watered
  • Leave your trip itinerary and emergency phone number with a trusted neighbor or friend

This program does not create a special duty upon the City of La Verne or the La Verne Police Department to guard your property against loss or theft. There is no guarantee against loss, theft, or damage to any premises that are serviced.

Qualifications for Vacation House Check Program
  • Residence must be in the City of La Verne
  • A "Vacation House Check" form must be completed and delivered to the La Verne Police Department *No forms will be accepted by mail*
  • Service does not include feeding animals, watering plants, or picking-up mail and newspapers
  • Service is not available for homes that are vacant or for rent
  • Residents are required to call the Police Department if they return home earlier than planned