Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention Unit
About the Unit

Crime Prevention is taking the proper steps to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur in your community.

The La Verne Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit is designed to provide community groups and individuals with tips and resources that can be used every day. Additionally, various community programs and services are offered. The La Verne Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit can be contacted at (909) 596-1913 or e-mail.


Business Alert Network (BAN) is a crime prevention program offered by La Verne Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit. The program is designed to alert local businesses of current crime or suspicious activity occurring in their business area. By providing important information pertinent to crime in the local area, the La Verne Police Department can assist the business owner or manager in personal and property protection.

The goal of the program is to set up E-MAIL ALERTS to businesses to warn of possible trends regarding criminal activity in the area. Through e-mail, crime prevention tips and "Be On The Lookout" notifications (BOLO) will be sent by the La Verne Police Department to the members of BAN. Additionally, "Emergency Response" information for each member's place of business will be kept up-to-date conveniently through e-mail. This information is important in assisting our public safety personnel in the field if a call for service is needed at a place of business.

The Business Alert Network is aimed at reducing commercial crime in our city through increased community awareness and improved communication between businesses and the Police Department. If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the Business Alert Network membership form and fax or mail to: