About 911 Calls

On an average La Verne Police/Fire Communications receives 20 911 calls per day as well as numerous other calls for emergency and routine services. On an average, Sunday is the busiest day for 911 calls and the busiest times are 12 noon and 9pm. Thursday is the slowest day, with 5pm being the busiest time. Communications Officers are responsible for answering 4 - 911 lines, 4 police emergency lines, 2 fire emergency lines and police business lines.

We are responsible for keeping track of officer activity via a computer aided dispatch system, data entry into the JDIC system, ie;stolen vehicles, stolen property, missing persons and various other data entry and are responsible for monitoring of various city alarms. We are responsible for knowledge of basic laws, jurisdictional boundaries and various Municipal Codes. We are responsible for the routing of information and calls for service to other various departments within the city.